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35. How to Shift your Attitude from Making Excuses to Taking Responsibility with Nicole Scheffler

Updated: Oct 17, 2020

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Everything starts with taking 100% Responsibility.

These are the words that engineer strategist and founder of Tech Diva Success, Nicole Scheffler, lives by and encourages us to live by as well.

"You are creating your own life experiences"

Throughout today's podcast we'll be answering questions such as:

  • What is the secret to life?

  • Why is taking 100% responsibility important?

  • How can I take 100% responsibility in my life?

  • What can I control when I respond to a situation?

  • How can I cultivate more happiness in my life?

"Taking 100% responsibility for your life is essential"

Have you ever heard of E+R=O or the SCIPAB Method? We'll be diving into why these are integral parts of taking 100% responsibility of your life and how they can help you act more intentionally and purpose-driven in your life.

By shifting your mindset into one that looks for what actions you can take in response to an event rather than what circumstances you can blame, you'll be able to create the life you want instead of being tied to the life your immediate emotional responses create.

"Beliefs are no more than thoughts you've conditioned yourself to think over and over again"

Are you looking for more happiness in your life? We encourage you to partake in the Happiness Challenge. This two step process is a great way to kickstart a life filled with joy and can aid you in the first steps of taking 100% responsibility of your life.

Follow these steps:

1. Build a habit of gratitude

  • Journaling is a great way to help make gratitude a habit

2. Control your over thinking (self talk)

  • Try meditation!

Looking for a journal to start your journey? Check out the Confidence journal!

Don't forget to check out Nicole's blog!

"Every outcome you've experienced in life is a result to how you're responded to an event"

Nicole Scheffler is a ‘Tech Diva’ and has recently put her body of work into a collection online to help spark success for women in tech.

By day, she leads the strategy for Engineering within the Americas Partner Organization and has been in tech for over 15 years. After hours, she works to contribute to this collection of podcasts, books, and blogs to help women in tech become more successful.

This includes her award winning, long standing Diva Tech Talk podcast, her newly released book with Jack Canfield, and her speaking on this topic. She is also a certified Success coach!

Connect with Nicole on IG @techdivasuccess and Linked In! You can also check out her website!

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