This journal is created to help you step away from your self-criticism and become self-assured and purpose driven.

This 8 Module Journal will take you from Self-Critical to Self-Assured and Purpose Driven.

This Journal will teach you how to:

  • Find strength and confidence within yourself

  • Reach the goal you’ve always wanted to reach

  • Challenge yourself to ask tough questions you usually run away from

  • Uncover hidden truths about yourself

  • Live your life boldly & authentically 

What Other Ladies Are Saying...

"This (journal) is a way to work through any adversities you may struggle with & find the why behind the mindset that you have.

It really challenged me, and still does, to ask myself those tough questions I use to run away from.


I think the moment I starting thinking that way something clicked. 


I realized that I need to find strength and confidence within myself to move forward and reach the goal I’ve always wanted to reach...


which in a nut shell was self love!"


- Christina D.

“These mindset modules helped me uncover hidden truths to help live my life boldly & authentically.

I think a hidden gem is the module about listing tasks that you have been put off or things that are bothering you, and filling in a grid to tackle those things.


I still think about that from time to time and use it to motivate me to address that stuff. 

Like from that, I wrote it was bothering that my car key fob wasn’t working. It look all of 10 mins to fix it. It’s a small example but it’s a good building block to tackle more things in life.


Also a good reflection of why the heck was I putting up with that?


What Other Ladies Are Saying...

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