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Flex Your Confidence Muscle
Help you to slow down, to stop busying yourself with work and your never ending to do list…
Teach you how to be the most authentic version of yourself.
Show you what's holding you back from living your dream life.
Give yourself permission to be the woman you were authentically created to be, not who you think you should be.
I’m not enough...
I don’t deserve this...
I’m unworthy....
I’m not qualified...
I’m not that smart...
Do any of these doubts sound familiar to you?
Are you your own worst critic?
We all have limiting beliefs—lies often rooted in childhood—that keep us small and prevent us from living the life of our dreams. Janelle Lynnae shares her story with vulnerability and humor, to help you uncover the limiting beliefs that are unconsciously holding you back. It’s time for you to let go of negative thought patterns and retrain your brain to fully see yourself as the valuable badass you are!
If you’re looking for a cute, fluffy personal growth book, this is *not* the right one for you. This book is for women who want to take tangible steps forward. It's designed to help you slow down; to stop busying yourself with work, to-do lists, and social media so you can get honest with yourself about what’s holding you back. To give yourself permission to be the woman you were authentically created to be, not who you think you should be. To give yourself permission to dream again.
This book is meant to act as a mirror that helps you clearly see the incredible woman you already are. By investing time to reflect on your limiting beliefs and intentionally choosing a new truth, you'll be able to create fresh results in your life. Reading this will fill you up with so much confidence, belief and self-worth that you’ll be empowered to take the first courageous step toward a dream that has been lying dormant for far too long.
It’s time to be BOLD.
It’s time to own who you are.
It’s time to Flex Your Confidence Muscle!
If you're looking for motivation, inspiration, and actionable tips to boost your confidence - this is it! So many amazing takeaways - ranging from concrete steps on ho to level up to deep life insights.
If you are looking to find content that will challenge you to be the best version of yourself, look no further. This will inspire you to rewrite your mindset and encourage you to be great!
This has helped me soooo much in my journey to discover who I want to be and what I believe my purpose in life is! Struggling with both depression and anxiety hasn't been easy at all; but Janelle encourages me to continue and push forward.
This book is absolutely amazing! I absolutely love how it feels like you are just having a conversation with Janelle, like she is right there in the room with you. Her stories are so raw and vulnerable. I love how each chapter requires you to do some deep thinking and reflecting, and then she provides practical, tangible strategies and actual resources that help with the next steps. I highly recommend this book to anyone wanting to build their confidence and work through their limiting beliefs!
I found Janelle on TikTok and loved her content. As a 27 year old woman in the tech industry that struggles with confidence I was intrigued by this Book and it did not disappoint. So many thoughts I could relate with and the takeaway "homework" really made it interactive. I bought the kindle version so I can read on the planes to work conferences and trips, I will be re reading this!
This is a definite read for anyone thinking that limiting beliefs are NOT normal. Everyone has them! And, it's ok that you have negative thoughts, but the difference is how you address them. Flex Your Confidence Muscle provides compelling insight into identifying your limiting beliefs, understanding where that belief came from, and teaches empowering techniques and practices to overcome them. This book was marketed primarily for women and the reason my wife bought the book. However, the information in the book has helped me identify a couple of limiting beliefs for myself as a male. The stories and insight shed light on the way women think. In turn, I have experienced an increased understanding of my wife and overall improvement in my relationships with women as a whole. A message to all men and woman: "READ THE BOOK"
Who this book is for?
You're a driven woman that has big dreams, but for some reason you haven't made as much progress as you thought you would have at this point in your life.s with a negative inner dialogue.
You struggle at times with a negative inner dialogue.
You sometimes experience social anxiety & hear yourself saying in your head, “I'm kind of an outsider, they don't get me. Do they I'm awkward & weird??”
You feel like your imposter syndrome holds you back 
You want level up (even more) in both your career & in your life, and to feel genuinely proud of yourself even while on the journey!
You love personal development, vulnerable conversations, reflection, journaling, and getting uncomfortable in order to grow.
If you answered yes to even 50% of these questions,then this book is written for you
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