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58. How to Ask for a Raise w/ Confidence! with Meggie Palmer

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Have you ever wanted to ask for a raise but didn't know where to start?

So many women feel pressure and anxiety around asking for a raise... but it doesn't need to stay that way

Today we hear from Founder and CEO of Peptalkher, Meggie Palmer!

We'll answer questions such as:

  • How are different races harmed by the gender gap?

  • Why is asking for a raise “scary” for women?

  • What is the confidence gap?

  • How can rejection actually propel me forward?

"We want to close the gap for everyone."

The pay gap is not just about gender! The typical gender pay gap is roughly 20% for white women. 20% is crazy!

And it's frustrating to see so many hard working and deserving women receiving less than their male coworkers.

Unfortunately, that 20% is the smallest gap. Women of color are paid even less in comparison. The gender pay gap may start with gender but it doesn't just end there. All the more reason it's time we close the gap.

"A rejection is just a redirection."

Rejection happens. A lot. Being told "no" has been a part of our lives since we were all very young. It was probably even one of the first few words you learned to say!

So why is receiving a "no" such big fear when it comes to our jobs? The world doesn't implode when we are told "no." We continue life as it was.

The key when facing rejection is to not let the no be an end all. Instead, let the "no" be a redirection. If you didn't get the promotion or pay raise you wanted, what can you still get? What else is on the negotiation table?

"Preparation is the most important thing."

Preparation is crucial in asking for a raise. Before you enter into that conversation, you need to have your wish figure, want figure, and walk figure outlined.

Wish figure: what is a number that just sounds too insane to be paid?

Want figure: what number is going to get you excited about work?

Walk figure: what number is too low for your worth?

Having these numbers in your head and ready to go will help you decide whether or not an offer is worth it.

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  • Covid has disproportionately impacted women!

  • Women are more likely to lose jobs and/or have more responsibilities at home.

  • Going the Know Your Worth Challenge - 5 minutes for 5 days to understand your worth and ask for your worth

  • Head to

  • Great for professional women

Action step: know that you are SO awesome. Know your worth!

Meggie Palmer is the Founder and CEO of Peptalkher, an App you can download for free.

Meggie and her team are on a mission to close the pay gap and help supercharge your career!

Connect with Meggie on IG @meggiepalmer or through her website and @peptalkher on all major social media platforms.


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