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49. How to be Successful as a Woman in STEM with Kelsey Kramer

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

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Does putting yourself 'out there' sound stressful?

From work to social to family relationships, it's crucial to get outside of your comfort zone!

In Today's episode, we hear from Account Manager at Cisco, Kelsey Kramer!

We'll answer questions such as:

  • Why should more women be in STEM?

  • How can I achieve what I want in my occupation?

  • Why should I put myself ‘out there’?

  • What should I do to build a close knit group of supportive friends?

“It’s amazing what you’ll find when you just start looking around and talking to people.”

Before you can put yourself out there, you need to know what "out there" is. Stepping outside your comfort zone is, well... uncomfortable! Knowing what kind of new territory you're stepping into makes taking that first step much more intentional and productive. So explore a little bit before you get out there full force and learn what paths are available for you to take.

“You can have it all as a woman.”

This one is for all the ladies out there! You can have it all as a woman. So often we are told that we need to make a decision, do you want to get married and start a family or do you want to succeed at work? You can do both and more! Don't let anyone else's insecurities and self-doubt project onto you.

Just speaking within your occupation, you can have everything you see you male coworkers receiving. Don't think you have to settle for a mediocre position or pay because "as a woman you should be lucky to have what you already have." Go after your highest goals and dreams because YOU CAN!

“You have got to get involved.”

You need a support group in your life whether it comes from family, friends, sponsors, mentors, coaches, or a mix of it all. Surround yourself with people who you know will support you. It's important to make sure you have support in both your work life and your home/social life. Don't forget how many layers your life has!

Go to the social events even if they feel unproductive. You can make them productive by finding someone for your personal support group. Sign up for a sports team or a book club or for a hobby you're interested in. One great connection resource to check out are the Junior Boards in your area!

Take away: Be your authentic self! Don’t be afraid of labels (rbf, bossy, etc). Your true self is best thing you can bring to work.

Kelsey Kramer is a woman in tech and an Account Manager at Cisco. She is also the Connected Women’s lead, which is an employee resource group and diversity initiative that promotes women in the workplace.

Women of Impact and Girls in Tech are the two main events that are used to promote women in the workplace.

Kelsey currently resides in Chicago but Michigan will always be home.

Connect with Kelsey on Linkedin: Kelsey Kramer.

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