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5. Stop Making Excuses & Find Your Voice with Christina Davila

Updated: Oct 17, 2020

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Christina had taken a 5 year break from school & was working at a restaurant full time to pay her bills when she woke up & realized it was time to take control of her life. 

As a first generation college student that has paid her way through college to pursue her dream, Christina knows that going after your calling isn't always easy.  But it is so rewarding! 

She decided it was time to pursue her passion, not just a paycheck. Christina urges listeners to find their passion & stop putting off their growth. 

In her story of rapid growth, investing in herself, and taking scary risks, she shares how she came to realize how much she has to offer this world & that using her voice powerfully is one of her best tools to make that happen!

Connect with Christina on Instagram: @stina_marie10

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