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51. Justice, Diversity, and Confidently Being Yourself with Tinika Wyatt

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What gets in the way of confidently being yourself?

Today we hear from Tinika Wyatt, healthcare professional and pastor, about how true justice and a celebration of diversity is necessary for each person to be able to freely be themselves.

We'll answer questions such as:

  • What does true justice look like?

  • How can we improve diversity in the workplace?

  • Where can I find fulfillment?

  • How can I honor people's limitations and still receive the support I need?

  • What is the difference between equity and equality?

"I am able to freely be who I am."

To freely be who you are, you cannot rely on others for your fulfillment. Whether it's God or another higher power, having yourself rooted in something outside of yourself is crucial to be able to be who you are.

Ask yourself, when you fail, who can you reach out to that is unfailing? It's not going to be your friends or family. As much as they are there to support you, they all have their limitations too.

Once you're able to answer that question, you no longer need to expect people to make you happy or give you your worth because you already are happy and already know your worth.

"See people as valuable."

Supremacy is causing division. We often see large-scale forms of supremacy on the news, but we mustn't forget to bring attention to the supremacy we practice in our own lives. It could look like passing by a homeless person and thinking you're better than them. Or maybe it's between you and a sibling or a coworker. This idea that "I'm better than that person" no matter the reason, has got to go. The matter of the fact is that we are all valuable. We all have something to contribute to the world and acting as though some people are "lesser" than others is completely inaccurate and harmful.

"Justice means to inconvenience ourselves for the marginalized"

We seem to forget how much beauty there is in diversity. We are missing out if we aren't including the marginalized. Justice says we look a little further into what people need and we give them what is right, what is just. We need to find out what people need and meet those needs as much as possible. We have to see how we can help them flourish and truly offer all that they have.

Action item: task a risk step outside yourself and introduce yourself to someone you is the furthest from your culturally,.spark up a friendship and be intentional.

Tinika Wyatt is a healthcare professional, marriage and family pastor, equity inclusion & diversity advocate, a singer and songwriter, but most importantly a wife, mother and daughter of the King.

Connect with Tinika on IG @tinidubb

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