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32. How to Start Your Day like a WINNER

Updated: Oct 17, 2020

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Hey! Are you tired of people pleasing?

Click here to learn the #1 way to build your confidence muscle & become who you're meant to be, not who everyone else wants you to be.

Are you struggling to create your morning ritual? You're not alone!

Today's podcast with Janelle will answer questions such as:

  • What effect can making your bed have on your life?

  • Why is consistency important?

  • How can I deal with morning funk?

  • How does self talk impact my mood?

  • Should I celebrate the little victories?

"If you are consistent in doing the small things in life, you will end up becoming consistent in the bigger things in life."

We'll talk all about the importance of a morning ritual, the correlation between making your bed and your mood, and how morning positivity can set you up for a successful day.

59% of people don't make their beds. Did you know that 62% of people who don't make their beds consider themselves unhappy?!

Learn more about the impact of making your bed at Psychology Today.

"You can change your brain by the way you speak over yourself."

If you want to give yourself a fresh start to each day but aren't sure about what steps to take, this is the podcast for you!

"How you do anything is how you do everything."

Janelle Lynnae, the Founder of Next Level Confident, is a Confidence Coach and

Corporate Workshop Facilitator. She primarily focuses on women in STEM industries and believes all women deserve to grow their confidence muscle in order to face their fears, set audacious goals, and take leaps of faith.

Janelle has years of experience coaching women how to break through psychological barriers unknowingly placed on self. She empowers each woman with the tools and practical action steps she must take in order to live a life she’s proud of.

Connect with Janelle on IG @janelle_lynnae and facebook, or email us at

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