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31. How to be an Approachable Badass with Melanie Spring

Updated: Oct 17, 2020

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Hey! Are you tired of people pleasing?

Click here to learn the #1 way to build your confidence muscle & become who you're meant to be, not who everyone else wants you to be.

Today we welcome Melanie Spring, an international keynote speaker, emcee, and corporate trainer!

Melanie is a well known "Approachable Badass" who travels internationally with her crew to create branded experiences for humans like you. Melanie will help you find your story, build your confidence, and amplify your voice.

Connect with her on IG @melaniespring or go to

Throughout today's podcast we will answer questions such as:

  • How do I share my story?

  • How can I help myself become the person I want to be?

  • What is stopping me from being proactive in my life?

  • How can I grow from my story?

  • What does it mean to be authentically me?

  • How can I encourage people with my story?

"Everything you've been through has added up to who you are today."

Everyone has a story and everyone is capable of growing from their story.

Melanie reminds us that from both the good and the bad we have experienced, our life story is being created.

"I am right where I'm supposed to be."

She talks about the how to understand your own story and how to be the author of it- you get to write what your future looks like!

We also discuss the importance of being brave enough to tell your story and become aware of how it impacts the person you are today.

"Speak from who you are, not as someone else."

Don't forget to complete the My Life Vision workbook and explore these other awesome resources!

You can also connect with her on Twitter, Linkedin, and Facebook to find out more about Melanie and her story!

Thank you for listening today, you're awesome.

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