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10. Goal Setting Tips for 2020 with Susan Brennan

Updated: Oct 17, 2020

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Susan Brennan is Professional Nag! AKA, a Success & Accountability Coach. 

Today, Susan will share her wisdom on creating a vision for your future, goal setting, time management, and more.

As humans, we loooove to make excuses for not getting stuff done. Often, it's actually because we're intimidated by our audacious goals! 

When we reach for new levels, we try to go back to comfortable, familiar waters. 

Look at your "To Do" list & ask yourself: "Is this in alignment with my vision?"

& maybe you're wondering, "How am I supposed to get clear on my vision?"

On today's podcast, Susan will answer that for you by giving you practical tools & ideas!

Other topics on this podcast include:

Vision boards - Susan says  "I used to think they were stupid".

• Fear vs Vision - gain awareness of how your decisions being made.

• Leveling Up - as you up Level, your friendships might change. And that's okay.

• The "right order" - College, get married, start having kids... we challenge that!

• Goal setting - don’t beat yourself up! Learn tools to get you out of your slump.

• and of course... so much more!

Want help goal setting for your new or existing biz?

Connect with Susan on the gram: @growthandgracelife

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