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9. Challenge the Status Quo & Break Free from Validation with Zach Smith

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

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Hey! Are you tired of people pleasing?

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Mindset Coach Zach Smith shares his story about getting a rare condition called alopecia at the age of 7 and how he spent most of his life seeking validation from others, desperately wanting to fit in. 

As a child he was bullied & teased for having no hair, and became suicidal at a very young age.

Looking for Validation

As he grew up, he began to think the way most of us have thought before, "I'll be the best at everything. I'll be perfect. I'll out perform everyone. And when I have the fancy car & the big house, then I’ll be happy".

About a year ago, Zach realized he wasn't fulfilled with his fancy job. He began to question the status quo & his social conditioning.

On his journey, he learned how to break free from validation from others, found his why for living life, and began rooting his worthiness in something much deeper than perfection & worldly success. 

Ask Yourself:

He challenges you to ask the question: "What are you pretending not to know?"

Have the courage to face your life. You can choose a life that lights you up, not just a life of surviving.

Friends, this is a must listen episode!

Connect with Zach on IG: @Zach_Ivan_Smith

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