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20. Build Your Confidence in the Workplace with Janelle Lynnae

Updated: Oct 17, 2020

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Hey! Are you tired of people pleasing?

Click here to learn the #1 way to build your confidence muscle & become who you're meant to be, not who everyone else wants you to be.

This 17 minute episode explains what is The Confidence Workshop is & why the women in Corporate America will massively benefit from the workshop! Todays podcast is with yours truly, Janelle Lynnae, CEO of Next Level Confident.

  • Do you ever find yourself spending way too much time thinking about that ONE thing you did wrong?

  • Do you over-analyze situations at work, frustrated with how you handled it, wishing you could go back and re-do it?

  • When you "fail" at something, do you hear a voice in your head saying "I am a failure" ?

  • Would you have a hard time saying 5 - 10 things you love about yourself when asked on the spot?

  • Do you feel like you want something so badly but are confused as to why you don't see the results you want?

We will discuss all of this and more.

Please head to our website at & reach out to see if The Confidence Workshop is a good fit for the women of your company.

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