The Confidence Workshop

is a corporate training created to coach women how to show up powerfully, set audacious goals & take on big risks.

Picture Brene Brown's vulnerability training meets Tony Robbins break-through sessions.

It's time to equip every woman to stand up powerfully.

What Other Women Are Saying...

"Something that I've always wanted to do in the past is journaling.


The fact that Janelle had us do 5 different exercises of writing our thoughts or what confidence means to us or  what we want to hold ourselves accountable for.

She made me think..

I want to hold myself accountable to the things I wrote down."

-Jordan C.

"When I heard it was a confidence workshop I was actually really excited because confidence is something that I'm continually working on.

The experience was amazing!

Janelle had such high energy & an amazing flow of content.

Everything she brought to the table is so relevant for what we experience as women.

She just blew my mind!"

-Carolyn S.


"The challenge I'm seeing in the workplace today is..."

Did you know that 56% of college grads are women but only 23% of C-Suite Executives are filled by women?

Let's change that.

Couldn't agree more??


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