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3. Break-ups, Sex, & New Beginnings with Tam Salinas

Updated: Oct 17, 2020

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Tam Salinas & I discuss romantic relationships: specifically learning when to walk away from a relationship that’s not a good fit and the importance of knowing who you are looking to date.

Ultimately, it's knowing that each human is capable of new beginnings and that leaps of faith are required in order to find GREATNESS in your partner. You must step away from a "good' dating relationship in order to find a "great" one!

Tam talks about her new decision to wait to have sex until marriage *gasp*.

Want to share your story or get support on a relationship you're unsure about? Interested in the idea of waiting to have sex until marriage? Tam would love to hear from you!

Connect with Tam on Instagram: @tam_salinas

Listen to the Full Podcast:




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