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55. Stress Management + Health Benefits of Cold Showers with Dylan Ali

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When was the last time you felt stressed?

Stress might be unavoidable but learning how to manage it will drastically

change your life!

Today's podcast is a little bit different than usual because I am joined by my wonderful husband, Frankie Vignone, as well as our guest, Dylan Ali! Dylan is a professional speaker and loves helping others make positive changes in their lives.

We'll answer questions such as:

  • How can I manage my stress?

  • Where do I find true happiness?

  • What does real self development look like?

  • How can I be successful?

“The happier I am, the more life gives me to be happy about.”

It can be hard to see the good things in life or the positive side of a tough situation. It's much easier to feel down on life than to make good out of a not so great situation. But one thing Dylan points out is that the happier he is, the more he finds in life to be happy about. When we have a negative outlook or attitude, it makes life murky. But when we are able to find things to be happy about, no matter how big or small, we are often lead to find more and more happiness.

“Self development has nothing to do with what you can add, has everything to do with what you can take away.”

What if I told you we are all already successful? Yes, even you! We ALL have success within us. It's just a matter of taking what you have inside and exposing it. The success is already there, you just need to learn how to put that success on display.

So often we create avatars based on our insecurities and walk around as a shadowed version of ourself. In order to bring out the success within us, we first need to shed the insecurities we are carrying around that mask the success.

"Having discipline turns that commitment into something viable."

Commitment is great. But it's not what brings you to your goals. That's what discipline's job is. Discipline is what gets you through the hard parts and the times you feel like giving up. Discipline is what carries you through all of that and gives your commitment the ability to produce results.

Take the 14 day challenge!

  • 14 days of 3 minute cold showers or cold plunging (dunking yourself into a cold body of water)

  • You will reduce your stress and learn to breathe! (Breathing properly is SO important for our health.)

Connect with Dylan on LinkedIn- Dylan Ali.

Dylan Ali is a keynote speaker, transformational coach and sales executive. With 20+ years in corp IT sales Dylan has been able to create a framework that is repeatable and scalable to all areas of life resulting in more love and less fear. We operate from two sources at all times, love or fear.

Dylan has been able to guide people in transmuting that fear into love, in turn acting from that space. We all have baggage, we all have emotional trauma. Many of us are taught to suppress those feelings in order to find success. That success comes at a heavy price. Dylan teaches you how to negotiate that price for a life worth living.

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