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53. Top 5 Areas of Growth for Young Professional Women with Jessica Smith

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What areas of your life have you seen the most growth?

Growth is a great part of life! Being able to utilize it properly and lean into it is so important.

In today's episode, we hear from amazing author, podcast host, and L&D manager at Xactly, Jessica Smith!

We’ll answer questions such as:

  • Why is it important to incorporate child like activities into my life?

  • What is my inner voice of wisdom?

  • How do I find my “ness”?

  • What areas of life is change most common?

“You don’t need kids to do child like things”

So often we believe that in order to grow up and truly mature, we must leave behind "childish thing." Well, it's time to scrap that idea! Whether it's playing with chalk like Jessica, or coloring or anything else, we encourage you to go do the things you used to love doing as a kid!

"How can I greater connect with my inner voice of wisdom?"

So many changes occur in your twenties and will continue to shift and change. We are confronted with big life events and reality checks. Your life path will look different from everyone else's. But don't worry, there is no wrong way to grow up! Regardless of where you're at and what stage of life you're in, it is so important to ask yourself the question: how can I greater connect with my inner voice of wisdom?

You will constantly have outside influences from strangers, family, friends, social media, etc. But you need to focus on what's going on internally and check in with yourself to make sure it is in line with the choices you're making.

"Why do we feel forced to stay in a relationship if it's not something we want?"

"Is it the fear of being alone? The fear of the unknown? I’ve experienced all of these fears in my past relationships. In a positive relationship, both people have freedom. Freedom in a relationship is when both people love each other for who they are, now, not because of something they did last week, or what you hope they do tomorrow.”

- Quote from Jessica's book, YOUR TWENTIES

Action item: Cultivate tools to discover your inner voice of wisdom.

Don't forget to check about Jessica's amazing work!

Jessica is the author of the YOUR TWENTIES book and self-discovery journal.

She is also the host of the podcast: Career Coaching with Jessness and works in Tech as an L&D Manager for Xactly.

Connect with Jessica on IG @hellojessness (or @your.twenties for her amazing book!) or on LinkedIn @jessicasmith

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