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52. Mindset Motivation Power Hour + How to Build a Business with Hillary Duggin

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Have you ever wanted to start something new or work towards a goal... but felt held back?

Whether it be by finances, time, fear, or anxiety- we've all been there. But you can get past the obstacles and find success.

Today, we we hear from Executive National Vice President with Arbonne, Hillary Duggin.

We'll answer questions such as:

  • How can I be successful in my career?

  • What are the benefits of creating 30/90 days plans?

  • How do I build a business?

  • What role does clarity play in being successful?

  • How can I manage being a mom and still move up in my career?

"I can either raise my activity or shrink my goal."

You have 2 options when working on your goals. It's normal to experience plateaus and steps back. When these things happen, you can either increase your activity or shrink your goal. The decision you make is what can either get you to your goal or keep you from it. Don't let a seemingly daunting goal convince you to shrink what you want.

“Start before you’re ready”

Sometimes starting can be the most difficult part of reaching your goal. When should I start? How should I start?

So many questions could be swirling around your head as you try to find the "perfect" time to begin. But here's the secret: you won't ever find a perfect time to start. If you keep waiting for the right moment, it may never happen. We encourage you to start before you're ready. Obviously, it's great to be prepared, so don't neglect preparation. However, if you find yourself routinely putting off the start of obtaining your goal, then it's time to just jump right in.

"If you don’t want it bad enough you’ll find an excuse"

I didn't have enough time. I'm too young/old. I don't have the right finances. I'm not educated enough. I'll never be successful. -- These are some of the most common excuses stopping you from reaching your goals. Don't get me wrong, life can get CRAZY and that means sometimes we need to prioritize. Moving towards your goal may not be on the top of that list. However, understanding that everything we do in life is a choice - what to spend our time, energy, money, etc on.

Making choices in favor of our goals is what gets us to reach it. If it's not a goal you're passionate about then you might find yourself making more excuses. At that point it's important to reevaluate why you're trying to reach your goal.

Action Item: write out your 10 year vision! What would your highest and best version of yourself look like and be doing? Then write out your 10 dreams that get you towards your highest and best self. Finally, write down 1 goal that will get you towards your 10 year vision (make it small and obtainable!).

Hillary Duggin is an Independent consultant and Executive National Vice President with Arbonne.

Married to her high school sweetheart, and a Mom of two boys.

Connect with Hillary on IG @hillaryduggin

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