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47. Kicking Cancer + Activating Your Super Powers with Michael Robert Eck

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Everyone has super powers...

Are yours activated?

Today, we welcome Michael Robert Eck! He is a SuperHero Coach with a mission to help individuals access and activate their power so they can lead heroic lives. Michael is also a cancer survivor, father, and grandfather!

"Ask for support, ask for help, be vulnerable."

Whether you're fighting a physical, mental, or emotional battle, having people in your life who are able to support you is so important! It's essential to have at least one person you feel comfortable asking for and receiving help from. Make sure you communicate with the people supporting you because no one knows what you need unless you're willing to ask for it.

"Keep the fun meter in the red."

Michael is a big proponent of fun and making sure laughter is a part of everyday living. Laughing is SO good for you. Here are some health benefits of laughing!:

  • Lowered stress levels and tension

  • Organ stimulation

  • Improved immune system

  • Improved mood

It's not always easy to find the good in a hard situation, but you don't necessarily need to. Whether it is finding something light hearted about your situation, talking with a friend, or watching a funny show, finding ways to laugh will all around improve your wellbeing!

"Faith over fear."

Faith over fear is a wonderful mindset to have when tackling tough circumstances. Stepping into faith, whether it be faith in God or something else, having something to set your focus on is so important.

Join the Gratitude Gang here!

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Action Item:

Make a list of things that will increase your powers spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally, and then act on what you've written down. Remember, everything you do in life will either increase or decrease one of those four powers.

Michael Robert Eck is a SuperHero Life Coach and founder of the full-day workshop, SuperHero Revolution. He consults with and helps individuals, organizations, and community and corporate groups uncover and reclaim power in order to achieve their own meaningful objectives, and to lead their personally particular, authentic, heroic lives.

Michael is also a cancer survivor with addiction recovery experience who works with people battling physical and other illness who seek lifestyle transformation, as well as guiding clients to achieve life-changing relationship, career, and other goals.

Connect with Michael Robert Eck on IG @MichaelRobertEck or on his website

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