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43. Why Feedback is Necessary - Don't Shy from Confrontation! with Christina Stathopoulos

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

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Having trouble amplifying your voice at work?

Whether you are already a leader at your workplace or are looking to step into a leadership position, making sure your voice is heard is extremely important.

On today's podcast we hear from Christina Stathopoulos, a certified women's leadership coach who helps women in the workplace amplify their voices.

We'll be answering questions such as:

  • What does it mean to be a leader?

  • What does a healthy relationship with feedback look like?

  • How can leaders benefit from receiving feedback?

  • How can we solve selfish ignorance?

  • Why is trusting my team important?

  • What does a feedback loop look like?

  • What role does active listening play in leadership?

"If you're secure in who you are then feedback helps you grow. If you're insecure then feedback is very personal."

Let's talk about feedback. It can sometimes be hard to hear right? But it is SO important. Whether you work for someone or have people working for you, feedback is necessary to have open communication and goes both ways! Regardless of your position in work, you will find yourself faced with feedback.

It's up to you whether or not the feedback makes a negative impact on you and is taken as a personal attack or if you use it to your benefit and as a way to grow. That's the difference between having a healthy or unhealthy relationship with feedback. This unhealthy relationship can lead to an ignorance. It's the kind of ignorance we find ourselves in when we stop or give up on educating ourselves because it makes us feel too uncomfortable or stupid so instead we continue to remain stagnant. Don't let that happen to you!

"We were born and bread on achievement culture."

Don't let achievement culture take away your enjoyment. Everyone likes to "win" in whatever they do, but there is a point at which this winning mindset is more of a detriment to your life than it is a good thing. This can especially become an issue when we talk about leading in the workplace.

So many women in the workplace have trouble getting their team to listen to them. You can't control another person's actions, but you can control your own. Trust is a key component here because if we don't trust our teammates to get a task done but we know that we trust ourselves, we end up doing all of the work because we know we can. This in turn shows our teammates that they don't need to put in as much work because they know that we will do it all. Giving and receiving feedback and trust are what break this cycle.

"There is such an opportunity to sit back and listen."

Active listening is necessary in the work place. We all need to show up inquisitive of how others do things and truly listening to what others have to say. Active listening and receiving feedback go hand in hand.

A person may think that they're great at listening to feedback because they don't react negatively to it. However, if you're just waiting for the person giving you feedback to be done so you can brush it off, that still has no benefit to you. Engaging in the conversation and responding to what is said to you is what's going to help you grow.

Don't just assume it's on you to have all the answers all the time. Practice listening and learning from others as much as you practice trying to assert or be heard yourself.

Today's Action Step: Practice noticing how many conversations you have where you are really listening to the other person.

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Christina Stathopoulos, is the Founder and Head Coach of Hear Her Roar. She is a Professional Certified Coach and International Speaker dedicated to coaching women's leadership and amplifying their voices.

Christina has degrees with high honors in Chemistry and English from Mount Holyoke College. In addition to her private practice, Christina also serves as a Leader in Training of Accomplishment Coaching’s Coach & Leadership Training Program.

You can connect with Christina on IG @hearxtinaroar or on her website


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