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13. Stop Trying to "Figure Out Your Dream" - Do This Instead! with Devin Jones

Updated: Oct 17, 2020

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Soulful Life Coach & Career Coach Devin Jones says "It’s okay to not have a dream. Most people have lots of passions. You can’t make any mistakes, everything is just a lesson!"

"Life & career isn’t as serious as you think it is! It’s not an exact formula. It’s an experimentation & exploration."

We talk a lot about this CliftonStrengths Personality test - You should take your Top 5 Strengths Test today!

You can connect with Devin- @_devinjones or

We will answer these questions:

• What if I’ve never had a dream job? What if I have no idea where to start?

• How do I get rid of distractions?

• Am I proud of where I'm headed?

• Why do I keep staying in a job that I hate?

• Enneagram vs Strengthsfinder?

• Connecting deeply with my soul to understand my purpose?

Check out Devin's Career Coaching Course: 

The Soul Career - helping women understand their purpose. Create a career you love. How to write a resume. How to write a cover letter & more!

Resources Mentioned:

• Designing your life class at Stanford & a book called Designing Your Life

Creative Mornings monthly gathering in a city near you!

• Marie forleo's book - Everything is Figureoutable

Bob Goff - God asks us to kick down doors

• Jen Sincero's book - You Are A Badass

My favorite Quotes From Today's Podcast:

“There’s no magic formula, like these 5 strengths = you should be a teacher! It’s about having the self awareness to know how you will use your unique 5 strengths in a specific job.”

“Suffering isn’t the worst thing that can happen. In order to truly pursue our purpose we will struggle a little bit. I don’t think struggle is the worst thing someone can experience. Maybe the struggle is okay. And it’s probably temporary.”

SMART Action Steps You Should Take:

1. Every day ask yourself, “What do I want? What makes me happy?”

2. Identify your limiting beliefs.

3. Be relentless in designing the life you want.

THANK YOU Devin Jones!!!

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