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4. Self-Hatred, Eating Disorders & Finding Healing with Courtney Ballard

Updated: Oct 17, 2020

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Coach Courtney Ballard & I talk about body image, eating disorders, purging, feeling stuck, self hatred, and hopelessness.

I would venture to say that MOST women especially have struggled with these thoughts at some point in their life.

Finding Value in Self

In order to heal from this, you must begin creating a relationship with your heart & bringing people into your pain.

Ultimately, the goal is to find value in who you are & accept yourself as whole. 

Courtney coaches entrepreneurs & leaders in the world process their pain & emotions by releasing trauma so they can have a greater impact in the world. But even if you aren't an entrepreneur or self proclaimed leader, Courtney would still love to hear from you. 

Connect with Courtney on Instagram: @courtneyyyballard

Listen to the Full Podcast:




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