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11. How to Avoid Perfectionism & Make Progress on your Passion with Travis Pied

Updated: Oct 17, 2020

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What's up friends! Today's guest is Travis Pied, owner of The Luxury Functional Food Brand, Lume.

Todays topics include:

- Why Travis started his company - his mom struggled with migraines when he was a kid, she went from western medicine to implementing a holistic approach to help her migraines. She changed her diet & that healed her migraines!

- Travis's obsession with eating healthy & his desire to help the world eat healthier as well.

- Trial & error starting a business & entrepreneurial struggles.

- Slow & steady wins the race - "I thought it was going to take 2 months but it ended up taking 2 years of prep before launching my product!"

- Burnout & learning to find a balance, making relationships a priority.

- Progress over perfection - get rid of perfect! Instead, get started on something small today & repeating something small every single day.

- Financial struggle - credit card debt. "I was working 2 restaurant jobs during the day and working on Lume at night. I did what I had to do."

-The power of visualization.

- Ask yourself: How bad do you want it? You’ll find time for the things that matter to you.

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