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12. Gut Health, Sugar Addiction & You Are What You Eat with Natalie Rose

Updated: Oct 17, 2020

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Today's guest is Woman’s Wellness Coach - NATALIE ROSE who helps women find success with their diet for a lifetime.

Connect with Natalie on Instagram @nrxfitness

Natalie is super passionate about Nutrition & Personal Development!

We will be discussing:

• Keto diet & meal prepping & healing your gut

• Sugar addiction as a major problem in the USA

• Investing in yourself

• 5 foods you should be eating more

• We lead by what we do- NOT by what we say!

• Gut health, probiotics, & fermented foods 

• Your diet plays a role with Alzheimer’s and Cancer

• Mindfulness around food - you are your own doctor

• And literally SO MUCH MORE :)

My 3 Favorite Quotes from Today's Episode: 

1. " We can purchase the best food for our body because when we cook we know what we’re putting in our body."

2. "The more I invest in myself in my mental health, the better I show up in all areas of my life. Spend money on yourself, you’re worth it!"

3.  "Being proud of where you are & excited about where you’re going."

Names mentioned:

- Rachel Hollis

- Marie Forleo

- Ed Mylett

- Jen Sincero

Books mentioned:

- You Are a Badass

- Girl Stop Apologizing

- Grant Cardone says to read or listen to a book 10x

Bars Mentioned:

- RX bars

- Perfect Bars 

- You should be able to pronounce all the foods you’re putting in your body

3 Action Steps From This Podcast:

1. Pour into yourself - Morning Routine & reading Personal Development

2. Cook more meals at home

3. Always have a fitness or nutrition goal.

THANK YOU Natalie Rose!!!!

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