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Episode 61. How to Live a Millionaire Lifestyle BEFORE you are One + Abundance Mindset + $$ Habits

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Guess what?? This is my first episode back in almost 2 years!!!!!! I AM SO EXCITED.

The Next Level Confident Podcast is back baby!!!!

And Frankie, my husband, is now my co-host, which is sooo much fun.

Here are the Key Points we covered in this episode:

Frankie & My (Janelle Lynnae's) Debt-Free Story: A Journey to Financial Freedom & learning new things about our money mindset. At the core of every successful financial transformation lies a shift in mindset. We share their personal story of (the first time) of paying off over $30K of Credit Card debt... talking about the power of determination, resilience, and again... a positive money mindset. By adopting new habits and embracing change, we managed to turn our financial situation around and learned some amazing habits along the way!

The Importance of Cultivating a Strong Money Mindset with Confidence: A money mindset is not just about numbers; it's a powerful belief system that shapes our financial choices and outcomes. We explore how a strong money mindset can empower anyone (we personally are young professionals so we speak more to that) to build confidence, make informed decisions, and create a solid financial foundation. By developing a positive relationship with money and embracing a growth mindset, ANYONE can unlock their full potential and achieve financial success.

Dave Ramsey and His Methods: Love or Dislike? One name that often arises in conversations about financial freedom is Dave Ramsey. We chat about the impact of Dave Ramsey's program on our money habits and mindset. While some find his methods effective, it's essential to understand how they align with your personal goals and values. We talk about some of the pro's and cons to his methods and money habits. Discover whether his principles resonate with you and how they can contribute to your journey towards financial independence.

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Finding Balance: (The Middle Ground Between Being Luxurious and Being Frugal) Achieving a healthy balance between spending and saving is crucial for long-term financial well-being. Frankie shares insights on finding the middle ground, embracing an abundance mindset, and avoiding the extremes of excessive spending or excessive frugality. Learn how to make mindful choices that allow you to enjoy life while still maintaining a strong financial foundation.

Embracing an Abundance Mindset: Unlocking a Wealthy Lifestyle- Having an abundance mindset is about shifting from scarcity to prosperity thinking. We explore strategies to develop an abundant mindset that allows you to live a millionaire lifestyle even before reaching millionaire status. By focusing on gratitude, envisioning success, and attracting opportunities, you can create a mindset that attracts wealth and abundance into your life.

Surrounding Yourself with the Right Influences: The company we keep significantly impacts our mindset and success. We talk about the importance of surrounding yourself with individuals who uplift and inspire you on your journey towards confidence and financial growth. We discuss the traits to look for in a supportive network and how these connections can influence your mindset, motivation, and ultimate success. We explore how to become a go-giver rather than a go-getter, fostering an environment of collaboration and growth. (Read the book the Go Giver)

And soooo much more :)

Hope you enjoy the episode!!

PS I thought that pic of us dancing in the kitchen kinda sums up our relationship and needed to be shared with the world LOL.

This podcast is focused on helping you live your most confident life, whatever that means to you. I'm Janelle Lynnae and my husband Frankie and I will chat about everything from money to relationships, to thought patterns and inner healing…. to having main- character energy…. to the occasional Netflix show reference! So if you're ready to overcome your negative self-talk, start becoming the most magnetic version of yourself and living your life in full confidence so you can finally go after your dreams… you are in the right place!

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