Debt, Budgeting & Money- All the Scary Topics We Like to Avoid by Janelle Lynnae

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Frankie & I are Aggressively Paying Off Our Debt...

So I wanted to share our journey with you- from start to finish.

I know talking about money (or the lack there of) is far from sexy or popular, but I wish people talked about it more.

And even though I’m not a financial guru, I will vulnerably share with you where we are at when it comes to budgeting, debt, and our new mindset around money.

Today I will answer these questions to the best of my ability:

  • Why should you want to be debt-free?

  • What is gazelle intensity?

  • How much debt does the average American have?

  • What about student loans?

  • Why save for your future while you’re young?

  • How important is your FICO score?

  • How can I become a millionaire?

This episode is packed with fun & interesting facts Frankie & I have learned in the last 2 weeks since starting our Financial Peace journey, with Dave Ramsey!

Please feel free to ask questions or ask for support. I know this is a scary topic and I want to help you process this instead of feeling shame around it.

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