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26. 7 Puppy Lessons that Frankie & Janelle are Learning!

Updated: Oct 17, 2020

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Whether you have a dog or not, this episode will likely make you LOL, keep your mind off of COVID-19, and teach you some practical tips for life!  

My husband Frankie & I got an Australian Shepherd / Border Collie mix 3 weeks ago! Our pup's name is Deni, and she's the cutest puppy in the world. Everyone who walks by her tells us she's the prettiest dog they've ever seen. Which is AWESOME!

But don't let her cute looks fool you... While we love her very much, we are VERY MUCH learning lessons on patience, sacrifice & how much work having a puppy can be! 

Frankie & I will share with you:

  • What's been the most frustrating part of having a puppy?

  • What are the biggest sacrifices we've experienced?

  • Why is intentionality in our marriage more important than ever?

  • How to set boundaries, even when saying NO isn't easy?

  • Why research makes a difference?  

  • How to get creative with your PAWenting? 

  • Why planning ahead & having disciplined habits matters!

This quick, hilarious podcast episode will leave you chuckling to yourself over Frankie &

my puppy drama, a few tips for personal growth, and either make you want a puppy really bad or decide PAWenting will never be your thang. Ha!

Shout out to Dog Trainer Ben Davidson in San Diego for all his help so far!


Here is the YouTube video by Simpawtico Dog Training about How to Use a Kong Dog Toy - 90% of Behavior Problems Eliminated.

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From, Frankie & Janelle

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