Coaching for women to grow self-confidence


“I’ll never forget my first of many conversations with Janelle that opened my eyes to the deep rooted insecurities and self-image lies I had never admitted to myself.” - Katie

Your Confidence Coach

My name is Janelle Lynnae & I'm grateful that you're here.


Women deserve the opportunity to grow in self-confidence.

I teach The Confidence Workshop to give practical tools to teach her how to face her fears, set audacious goals & take risky action.

Your Confidence Journal

This 8 Module Journal will take you from Self-Critical to Self -Assured and Purpose Driven

This Journal will teach you how to:

  • Find strength and confidence within yourself

  • Reach the goal you’ve always wanted to reach

  • Challenge yourself to ask tough questions you usually run away from

  • Uncover hidden truths about yourself

  • Create daily routines that set you up for success

“Janelle's mindset modules helped me uncover hidden truths to help live my life boldly & authentically.” - KB

Your Confidence Workshop

The goal of this workshop is to help women in male dominated industries step into her power so that she sees herself as the asset she is. To have the confidence to share her ideas in meetings, take on new “scary” projects in the workplace and apply for promotions even when she doesn’t feel 100% ready.


As these women gain confidence in their belief in self, this directly impacts the bottom line for the company because their women are now playing bigger than ever before, taking action. 

One-on-One Coaching

Your beliefs shape your thoughts, your thoughts shape your actions and your actions shape your results. I will coach you to break free from your limiting beliefs and challenge the way you think so you can get the results you’ve been wanting for years.


I support you every step of the way, and as you build trust in yourself, you’ll realize how powerful YOU are.


Get one-on-one coaching with Janelle personalized to you.

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