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The 8 most important things for you to know (and implement!) in order to become the right woman & attract the right man.

What Other Ladies Are Saying...

"Get Ready and Attract your Future Husband devotional was an eye opener!!!


There are many things that I loved about it but the #1 thing was that Janelle challenged my thinking.


I had a lot of a-hah moments - she encouraged me to start “The List” of what I’m looking for a husband.


Never did I think I would have 11 pages!


It made me think of who I’m becoming as a woman and how to be the woman I can be for myself and future husband. Which I cannot wait to meet."




"I used Get Ready & Attract Your Future Husband & it really helped solidify what I want in a partner and opened my eyes to what I have to offer to someone else.


I left a 2 year long, unhealthy relationship with complete peace knowing it wasn’t what I wanted and am confident.


I am now actually dating someone new who fits exactly what I’m looking for!


I’d recommend this to any young woman in a relationship or not."


- Kaitlyn

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