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Do you ever wake up feeling BLEH, overwhelmed, unmotivated, and experiencing resistance to starting your day?

In that moment, you inevitably want some instant motivation, something to get your mind right.


You could aimlessly scroll TikTok, IG, or YouTube hoping for the right kind of motivation… but you never know what exactly you’re going to get.


What if you could *guarantee* that you’re about to consume content that’s going to absolutely LIGHT YOU UP and get you excited about your day?!


That’s why I created this Top 30 Confidence Resources List - so you could have the best of the best podcasts, songs, youtube videos, movies, and more…. right at your fingertips.

Trust me, I’m a Confidence Coach, and have been coaching thousands of women over the last 4 years how to build confidence through shifting their mindset.

These are the resources I give all my 1:1 coaching clients throughout our coaching sessions to motivate and encourage them throughout their week.

Grab my Top 30 Resources for Boosting your Confidence now! 

The content we consume daily directly impacts our mindset and therefore our results. Use these resources to renew your mind and get you back to a place of empowered thinking & being.

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