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I’m Janelle Lynnae, Founder of Next Level Confident. I help self-conscious women become self- assured.

I understand how frustrating it is to feel like you're not enough.

So I started this movement to help women overcome limitations unknowingly placed on self become clear on her purpose & take the risks necessary to live a life she's proud of.

Personally, I am a woman of faith, wife, badass business woman, friend, podcast host, and public speaker.

I love weight lifting, boxing, yoga, hanging out on the beach, donuts, petting puppies, reading personal development books & dancing with my husband in the kitchen.

5 Fun Facts About Me


My husband & I met through mutual friends on instagram! We were friends for 6 months, long distance dated for 6 months, and engaged for 7 months. #whenyouknowyouknow


I started #nextlevelconfident because I was a personal trainer that everyone called their therapist. I decided to create a program to improve my clients confidence mindset instead of simply their body. Now, I can change my clients lives from the inside out.


I've lived in Kansas, Belarus, New York, Colorado & California in my 28 years of life.


From about 14-22, I believed I was going to die in a car accident in my mid 20's. It's a long story that you can listen to here, but long story short, once I broke free from that lie, I decided to help others break free from the lies holding them back from living their best life.


I'm an Enneagram 8, ENFJ, and my top 5 strengths are Communication, Individualization, WOO, Positivity, & Activator. My love languages are physical touch & words of affirmation. I love personality tests!

My Top Values:

Honesty, truth and keeping it 100.

Let your yes be yes & no be no. AKA do what yousay you're going to!

Take huge leaps of faith. Often.

Slow and steady wins the race.

Fake it til you become it.

Do what makes YOU happy. Stop people pleasing.

Don't be afraid to put in the work.

You're the sum of the 5 people you hang around the most. Choose wisely.

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